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More Americans Cool With Divorce

A new survey by Gallup has found that more U.S. adults than ever before feel that divorce is morally acceptable. When survey participants were asked for the first time by Gallup about their feelings...
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How You Can Become Single Faster

Here in California, there is a mandatory 6-month period from a divorce filing until when the case can proceed through court. It’s sort of a “cooling off” period. But what if the wait is...
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Will Ron White Be Paying More?

Funnyman Ron “Tater Salad” White has a serious situation on his hands. His wife of 4 years has filed for divorce, and she’s claiming they were married a lot longer. It’s a decision that...
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How Is A Military Divorce Different?

New data from the U.S. military shows that divorce numbers among female enlisted troops are climbing, while the number for male enlisted troops is holding steady. In this issue, we’ll talk more about it
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Can Bitter Divorce Affect Your Child’s Health?

We’ve talked before in numerous blog entries about the importance of co-parenting after divorce. A new study has just discovered another good reason to keep things amicable with your ex: your child’s health. We’ll...
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All About Divorce Appeal: What to expect

If you feel like you were unjustly treated by the court during your divorce proceedings then you can file an appeal. However, divorce itself can be an expensive, exhausting and time-consuming procedure. Therefore, you...