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The Men’s Legal Center

Are you facing a divorce, separation, or a paternity suit? If so, the Men’s Legal Center can help protect your rights, while navigating the complicated family law court system effectively.


Why do you need representation?

California divorce laws are not particularly friendly to men. If you appear without an attorney in family court, the chances are that you are going to wind up seeing your children less frequently and paying more in child support than if you have sound legal representation. That is the reality.

Who we are?

The Men’s Legal Center, Family Law Advocates®, is a group of attorneys with decades of combined legal experience and expertise in the field of family law. These lawyers have successfully represented thousands of clients throughout San Diego County and the surrounding areas. The Men’s Legal Center attorneys provide effective representation in Family Court when so much is at stake.

Representation for all family law situations

The Men’s Legal Center represents men in every imaginable family law situation and scenario. Husbands, fathers, and non-custodial parents get competent and diligent professional representation through the Men’s Legal Center.

Whether a divorce is contested or uncontested and no matter how much or how little is at stake in marital assets and projected child support, the Men’s Legal Center can help.

Helping men resolve legal family disputes

If you’re searching for the best men’s family law attorneys in San Diego, The Men’s Legal Center is your go-to firm. We pride ourselves in offering comprehensive and dedicated legal representation for an extensive range of family law issues, such as child custody and separation.

Our licensed and qualified family law attorneys believe that clients always come first. Hence, we strive to provide every client with personal attention, timely responses and trusted legal advice.

Don’t Wait–Act Today

When it becomes clear that irreconcilable differences exist between you and your spouse and divorce is inevitable, or your relationship with the mother of your child has completely broken down, you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to do everything you can to protect your legal rights.

When a man finds out that his wife wants a divorce or that the mother of his child is changing the visitation schedule or is demanding more child support, the ordeal can be emotionally and financially draining.

Men are often caught in family law proceedings involving divorce, spousal support, child support and child custody that drag on for months or even years, causing incredible stress and costing significant amounts of money.

One way to shorten this period of suffering and stress is to work up your case and respond immediately to a divorce or any other family law proceeding. The steps that you take early on in the family law process can lead to a more positive outcome, a faster resolution and an earlier opportunity to put the matter to rest and move on with your life.

The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center are ready to represent you in your divorce, spousal support, child custody, child support, property settlement, or military divorce matter. Call today for an initial consultation with one of our attorneys who are here to help you.

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