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When people seek the help of a San Diego men's rights law firm, they may have needs that vary widely. When it comes to family law, the role of any San Diego men's rights attorney is critical in terms of the ultimate result, and the Men's Legal Center provides that legal expertise in just about every type of family law issue that could arise. Below you'll find links to the different types of cases the firm handles. If you would like an Attorney to contact you, fill out this form for a Free Initial Consultation.


When a divorce begins and there are children of that marriage, it gives rise to a whole host of issues...

Military Divorce

San Diego is home to many families where at least one member is actively serving in the military...

Child Custody

Facing the end of a marriage is a difficult proposition.  This is particularly true when particularly true when...

Child Visitation

One of the fundamental issues that needs to be decided when a divorce is proceeding is child custody...

Domestic Violence

One of the most emotionally-charged legal issues in society today is that of domestic violence. This is especially true when...

Property Division

When a divorce begins and the process moves forward, one of the most central requirements that must...


When a marriage ends and the divorce process begins, it can lead to several complicated issues that...

Business Valuations

Business valuations in divorce are a complicated area of family law. The experienced attorneys at the...


When men face the prospect of the end of a marriage, they tend to face the same emotional and financial struggles as anyone else. Unfortunately, there is an assumption in existence that when a divorce occurs, the woman tends to obtain more favorable results than the men in general with respect to such issues as property division, spousal support, child custody and visitation among others. While statistics tend to reinforce this notion, that does not mean that men who face this situation should not seek the help of San Diego men’s rights lawyers as soon as possible to build their cases.
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I’ll start by saying that Dianne Jones truly became my Guardian Angel! In regards to my divorce case that has lasted several years without an end in sight

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I just had my first meeting with Dianne Jones at Men’s Legal Center. I walked into the office entirely overwhelmed at the divorce process after being served

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Being a dad with two baby mommas, I was scared of the court process hearing that California is a mommy state. DO NOT BELIEVE THIS! A big THANK YOU to Men’s

Who Pays for Student Loans in a California Divorce?

California is a community property state, which means that assets and debts acquired during a marriage are divided equally in a divorce. Student loans, however, could be treated as separate property – even if the loans were taken out during the marriage.

In this issue, the San Diego divorce attorneys with the Men’s Legal Center will explain what a court or judge may consider when determining how responsibility for a student loan will be divided during a divorce.

How will be responsible for student loans after my California divorce?

The simple answer is that “it depends.” California law specifically states “a loan incurred during marriage for the education or training of a party shall not be included among the liabilities of the community.”

A judge will most likely consider a host of things to determine who is responsible for paying back the student loan.

  • It depends on the use of the student loan money.
    If the funds from your student loan were used to solely for your education – the purchase of books, payment of tuition and fees, and other educational material – the judge will most likely decide that debt separate property, and you alone are responsible for the debt.If, however, the funds covered daily living expenses, you and your former spouse or partner will likely share the responsibility of repaying the loan.
  • Already existing student loans were consolidated after marriage.
    If you and your spouse consolidated pre-existing student loans, both of you made an agreement to share the responsibility for repaying the now-combined loan.
  • The input of your spouse or partner.
    If your spouse or partner provided a substantial supporting role in your education (took you to class, handled the housekeeping responsibilities, etc.), the judge may rule they have already paid their fair share of the student loan debt.

If you’re going through a divorce, protect your financial and family interests by calling the Men’s Legal Center.

A college education is among the most costly investments we’ll make. To make sure you’re not on the hook for the entire bill, get in touch with us here at the Men’s Legal Center.

You can receive a free phone consultation and make your appointment by calling 619-234-3838 or via email.


After filing for divorce in the county courthouse, the next step is to have your spouse or partner served with a copy of your divorce petition and a summons to appear in court.

How the divorce papers are served, though, can go along way towards deciding how smooth the divorce process will be.

The combination of a smartphone, a social media account, and the emotions that often come with divorce can prove devastating to your case and your reputation.

In this issue, the San Diego divorce attorneys with the Men’s Legal Center will give you a host of reasons why it makes sense to play it cool on social media – especially during the process of your divorce.