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Complex Divorce Cases

When people decide that it’s time to bring about an end to their marriage, many do so without having to encounter too many complicated issues.  However, some spouses have an estate that’s so complicated that properly dividing it so that the marriage can be legally dissolved will require the help of specific professionals.  If you are looking at the possibility of a complex divorce, you need to seek the help of San Diego men’s rights lawyers who have handled many of these cases in the past.  Below are a few examples of the issues that could arise in a complex divorce case in California.

The Marital Assets and Their Origin

Many complex divorces center on the division of the marital estate and how the property should be assigned so that both parties walk away with their fair share.  California is a community property state, which basically states that assets acquired during the marriage need to be split as evenly as possible, but assets that were held prior to the marriage remain separate property.  Unfortunately, this is not always as simple as it seems.

Specifically, if one of the spouses obtains an inheritance during the marriage and then uses that inheritance to acquire property that is used by both spouses, the acquired property could be considered community property by some and separate property by others depending on the specific circumstances of the situation.  In addition, there are issues that can arise when it comes to non-vested business ownership interests and support that was provided by one spouse for the other that ultimately led to a high degree of success for the spouse that obtained that initial support. Learn more about the advantages of divorce mediation.

How Complex California Divorce Issues Are Resolved

Generally, dissolving a complex marital estate equitably will come down to tracing the origin of the assets at issue and following their progression as they related to each of the individuals in the marriage.  This may require the help of forensic accountants and other financial professionals whose skill involves the ability to properly categorize those assets such that it becomes clear how they should be split if they should be divided at all.

The other crucial form of help that arises in these complex California divorce cases involves the guidance of experienced San Diego men’s rights lawyers who have handled these cases in the past and who understand how to fight for the assets that the man deserves to retain after a marriage has been resolved.  If you find yourself in this position, contact our San Diego divorce lawyers today to schedule an initial consultation. The Men’s Legal Center also specializes in same-sex divorce.

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