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High Asset Divorce

High Asset Divorce Attorneys San Diego


A high asset divorce is, in some ways, similar to any other divorce action. The same California family laws govern child custody, child support, spousal support and division of marital assets for high asset couples as for any other couple. However, the financial implications and the way property is valued may change tremendously when couples are facing a high asset divorce. It is vital that men with large amounts of wealth and assets protect their economic interests; the Men’s Legal Center can help.

Divorce can be one of the costliest activities an individual can undertake, with considerable financial risk. If your estate is large, it is critical that you are represented by a firm that has the resources and experience to protect your complex interest before, during, and after your divorce. The Men’s Legal Center also specializes in helping clients vacate marital settlement agreements.

The Benefits of Working with San Diego High Asset Divorce Lawyers

The experienced attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center have worked with many high asset divorce cases. We will work with you to help properly identify, characterize and value the assets of your estate. These assets may include:

  • Privately-held businesses
  • Business interests in publicly-held companies
  • Investment accounts
  • Corporate shares of stock
  • Securities
  • Bonds
  • Retirement accounts
  • Retirement benefits
  • IRAs
  • 401(k)s
  • Real estate holdings
  • Other assets

The Men’s Legal Center represents business owners and executives in divorce cases that require business and stock valuations as well as clients who have bonus and commission income that affect child support and spousal support orders. Our attorneys understand how important it is to perform and fight for proper valuations in complex divorce cases so that your rights are protected. Ask how the Men’s Legal Center can help you with imputed income issues.

Proper Identification of the Estate

One of the most difficult parts of a San Diego high asset divorce is compiling all the assets that comprise the marital estate. This process involves tracking down all the assets that may be held locally, in the US, and in foreign countries.

The second step is properly classifying each individual asset as community property, separate property, or a mix of both. This is a very complicated process that requires experience and knowledge of both finance and the legal system. The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center have the expertise to protect the interests of men with substantial financial assets.

Tax Implication Taken Into Account

One of the biggest problems facing men going through a high asset divorce is consideration of tax implications. A mistake made in the division of assets may be viewed by the taxing authorities as a taxable event and lead to a large unanticipated tax liability. In any property division of a high net worth case>, the tax consequences need to be taken into full consideration so there are no surprises and to ensure the fair division of assets and debts.
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