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Attorney-Supervised Uncontested Divorces

Attorney-Supervised Uncontested Divorce

When people face the possibility of ending their marriage through a California divorce, the spouses to that marriage are often deeply concerned for reasons that reach beyond the psychological reaction to any divorce.  Specifically, people tend to avoid beginning a divorce because of the possibility of exorbitant expense, years of acrimony, and mountains of stress.

However, there are other options for those who want to move on and who are willing to work together to make that happen.  One such possibility is an attorney-supervised uncontested divorce.  Those who want to explore this possibility should seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who understand this process.

What Does ‘Uncontested Divorce’ Really Mean?

An uncontested divorce simply means that the parties who want to end their marriage are willing to work together to reach an agreement on the issues that must be resolved before a court will legally dissolve a marriage.  More simply, an uncontested divorce involves a process where there is no adversarial litigation.

However, more must be done in order to successfully reach a resolution to this type of matter than the willingness of the spouses to work towards this result.  Much in the way of structure and guidance is necessary to make sure that the parties resolve all of the issues that must be resolved so that the court will dissolve the marriage and to make sure that the language in the ultimate agreement is proper. The Men’s Legal Center also specializes in collaborative divorces.

How Does a San Diego Divorce Lawyer ‘Supervise’ This Process?

As stated above, there are many different issues and technicalities that must be adhered to in order for a California divorce to be valid.  Therefore, the involvement of an experienced San Diego divorce lawyer will allow the parties to rest assured that the work they are doing is proper and pointed in the correct direction.  An experienced attorney will work with the parties to make sure that they are in agreement with regards to the issues that are being discussed, and he or she will also help to draft the Marital Settlement Agreement, or MSA, that will be sent to the court for approval.

How to Proceed

If you and your spouse would like to bring about an end to your marriage but you think you can work together to do so without engaging in litigation and years of antagonism, seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have helped many couples go their separate ways in a civil manner.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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