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Men’s Legal Center Presents: Great Dads


Are you or someone you know a “Great Dad”? Do you know a dad who goes the extra mile for thier kid(s) and stands out in society?

If you would like to nominate an outstanding dad for our next “Great Dad Award” please forward us their name, your contact information and theirs with a brief summary of why you believe this individual should be our next “Great Dad”. Men’s Legal Center would like to see our community have more responsible and proactive Fatherly role models and mentors.

Awards are presented to Great Dads who deserve recognition for being:
    • Outstanding fathers
    • Great mentors, and
    • Excellent role models for the community!

We can all make a difference in the world. One way of encouraging more Great Dads to step up is by acknowledging and rewarding responsible and proactive Dads who stand out in our communities!  

Current Great Dad

Jesse Adcock

One of the most challenging things I have overcome has been raising my child as a single Dad. I battled the feeling of letting my little girl down with my failed marriage, and splitting my girl’s time between each parent/home as a result.

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Past Great Dads Recipients

Jason Kreidman

Jason Kreidman runs a local monthly support group called “Dad University” which provides men a place to discuss parenting, relationships, and personal growth. Professionally he has been in internet marketing for 20 years and has a successful consulting business. Jason is married with two kids. He is a great dad and enjoys helping the community.

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Richard Dilay

Mr. Richard Dilay is currently a Chief in the US Navy with 17 years of service. His dedication to work and family is unsurpassed. He and his wife Michelle are raising three boys: Alexander and Christian, age 9 and Lucas age 7.

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Joe Vargas


Joe Vargas has been a member of the National City community for over 35 years. Joe’s family has a long history with boxing and he began learning the sport at a very young age.

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Patrick Turner


Patrick L. Turner is a longtime resident of San Diego, California. He was born in Fort Worth, Texas, and moved to California when he was a young boy. Patrick attended and graduated from Morse High School.

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Richard Jaramillo


RJ exemplified the type of father who has overcome obstacles to be a great father to his children. RJ explained to MLC “In the year 2000, I was a newly divorced dad with a newborn.

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TJ Zane


Mr. T.J. Zane is the former President and CEO of the Lincoln Club of San Diego County. T.J. now heads a San Diego taxpayer advocacy and government reform non-profit.

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Why Are Great Dads Important?

Decades of research and studies show that children with active fathers, or who have a father figure actively involved in their lives, have a significantly better chance of success in life. For this reason, the Men’s Legal Center announced their effort to honor fathers who stand out above the crowd with their “Great Dad” Award. Dads who go the extra mile, exemplify positive fatherly traits, not necessarily just to their children but to the community as well.

Fathers selected for the “Great Dad” Award will be featured on both the Men’s Legal Center website and on their social media Facebook and Google+ pages, as well as, receive a personal award plaque to commemorate this honor.

Awards are presented to Great Dads who deserve recognition for being:
    • Outstanding fathers
    • Great mentors, and
    • Excellent role models for the community!

“As a society, we cannot underestimate the importance of a father actively involved in the lives of his children,” said Senior Attorney Craig Candelore, “The abundance of research clearly shows that the ‘dad effect’ begins shortly after birth. Children with involved fathers are more emotionally secure and have more confidence… As they mature, they have higher IQs and show more self-direction than their peers who do not have actively involved fathers.”


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