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Oscar Avila MLC Great Dads

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What has been the most exciting part of being a dad?

In this season of my life the most exciting part of being a dad is watching my kids grow in the things they love the most. It is exciting to see them love God and love each other. I love seeing them encourage each other and see them full of life.  I love seeing my kids serving each other, serving at church, and listening to their goals.  

What would you like your children to learn from you?

That no matter what life throws at you, you should never give up. Always fight for love and fight for each other. 
My kids have seen the fighter in me and that’s what I want them to learn from me.  We fight for what we love and we don’t give up. 

Who was an important mentor or role model in your life and what do you appreciate about them?

san diego paternity lawyer award to great dadI’ve been blessed with many mentors, I am a man of faith with a deep love for God and I am surrounded with man that want the best for me and our constantly challenging me to be the best.  It’s important to have people you can process with and allow people to speak into your life.   The most special thing about my kids is that they seen me at my worst and the never gave up on me.  

How has community involvement shaped you and where are you putting your efforts toward now?

Community involvement has change my life and has changed my family.  My family and I our involved in church, we lead the young adults 18 to 30 in our church. We our constantly helping couples, singles, single moms, single dads to see the best in themselves.  It’s a blessing to be part of people’s life and to see them grow from adversity in every area of their life. 


What are some of the most challenging things about being a dad that you have been able to overcome?

As a dad we go through different challenges with our kids, but the most important thing is to always lead by example and listen to what they have to say.  I’ve learned that we can’t stop our kids from experiencing life but we can be there to support them and encourage them.  It’s hard to see our kids suffer but that’s when we can show them that no matter what we love them. 

Which activity or family activity do you most enjoy?

Every Sunday we faithfully attend church together.  We love going on walks and we love our coffee time together.  

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Oscar, thank you for being who you are and stepping up to make a positive difference in our community! 🥰

This is Men’s Legal Center’s way of contributing towards progress by acknowledging what the world needs more of! 

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