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Military Divorce San Diego Lawyer

Military Divorce San Diego Lawyer

Expert Step-by-Step Divorce Attorney Guidance | Military Divorce San Diego

Choose Men’s Legal Center For The Best San Diego Divorce Attorneys. Our Lawyers Specialize In Marines Divorce And Navy Divorce In San Diego.

Divorce can be an exceptionally stressful and emotionally challenging time of your life, but Men’s Legal Center strives to ease your burden with compassionate guidance, support, and excellent marines divorce representation. We put our knowledge of California law and military divorce San Diego law on your side to help you secure a favorable resolution for your military divorce. Whether we are ensuring all paperwork is completed correctly or advocating on your behalf in the courtroom, you will have step-by-step divorce counsel throughout your entire process.

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We Specialize In Military Divorce For San Diego Military Members Marines, Airforce, And Navy

We Will Fight For You and Your Rights. The Men’s Legal Center Offers The Best Legal Counsel For Marines Divorce And Navy Divorce In San Diego.

Comprehensive Representation for Military Divorce San Diego Cases

California is a “no-fault” divorce state. This means that any wrongdoing does not need to be established for your marines divorce or navy divorce in San Diego to be granted. One spouse needs to be a resident of the state of California for at least six months before filing. Once your marines divorce paperwork is delivered to the other spouse, it takes at least six months for your military divorce to be finalized.

Men’s Legal Center has over two decades of combined experience aiding families of the Marines, Airforce, and Navy—specifically for military divorce San Diego—to overcome the challenges in their military divorces. We can also help you handle associated issues such as property division, child support, child custody, spousal support, and post-divorce modifications, among others.

Rated The Best Divorce Lawyer for San Diego Military Members – Marines, Airforce, And Navy

In some instances, a marines divorce or a navy divorce in San Diego might not be the right option for your particular situation. California law recognizes legal separation and annulment as two ways to end a marriage without needing a navy divorce in San Diego. Depending on the unique circumstances, our marines divorce lawyer can provide excellent guidance on your best next steps.

The options for ending a marriage aside from military divorce include:

  • Annulment: An annulment means that your marriage was never legally valid, typically due to an existing marriage, the age when married, fraud, physical incapacity, force, or an unsound mind.
  • Legal separation: A legal separation allows for a couple to live separately but remain legally married. Aside from the inability to enter into a domestic partnership or marry, a legal separation is handled like a divorce.

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Expert Divorce Legal Representation For Military Divorce

At Men’s Legal Center, we know firsthand that military divorce San Diego cases are emotionally challenging, and clients need an aggressive yet reasonable military divorce San Diego attorney to help navigate the terrain of military divorce San Diego law and protect your rights. As a team of attorneys specializing in marines divorce and navy divorce in San Diego who have helped thousands of local families, we have the collective knowledge, experience, and expertise needed to guide you to a long-term resolution of your San Diego divorce case.

Our San Diego divorce attorney team will take your case seriously and offer you the best options. We recognize our role in the lawyer/client relationship rests on being a closely trusted counselor. So we provide our clients and their families with honest, clear, and straightforward military divorce San Diego advice to eliminate any surprises in the legal process. Due to the nature of Marines, Airforce, and Navy divorces, we strive to maintain the highest standards of professionalism at all times with our clients and opposing parties. Still, we never lose sight of your goals during this challenging and emotional process you and your family are experiencing. Treating clients with sincere compassion while assertively and professionally handling their navy divorce San Diego case is what separates our divorce attorney help from our competitors.

Our Experienced Military Divorce San Diego Lawyer Can Help

With many bases and thousands of servicemen and women stationed here, San Diego, California, is a proud military town. At Men’s Legal Center, our attorney professionals for navy divorce in San Diego are experienced in helping these men and women through their most difficult Marines divorce, Airforce divorce, and Navy divorce issues. Whether you are stationed in San Diego, California, or you are deployed overseas, we can help you effectively resolve your military divorce in San Diego and protect your future—allowing you to keep your focus on spending time with your children and serving our country.

  1. How is My Military Divorce San Diego Different from the Regular Divorce Process?

    Divorce is generally not a smooth and easy process. For military families experiencing divorce, the process can be even harder. With so many things to consider—alongside the guidance of a Marine, Airforce, or Navy divorce attorney—military divorces get much more complicated than divorces between two civilians.Some issues that complicate the military divorce San Diego process can include:

    • Filing: San Diego military divorces are generally filed in the state where the married couple has legal residence. For instance, if a non-military spouse files for a military divorce in a state that is not the residence of the spouse, the court can lack the authority to divide assets and pension legally.
    • Child custody: Besides being particularly legally complex, custody arrangements can be emotionally taxing. Many factors within a military divorce in San Diego will change the nuances of your case, including whether or not both spouses are active in the military or if either spouse is deployed.
    • Division of Military benefits: All states consider military pensions as community property. There are various issues to consider, such as how long the military spouse has been serving in the Marines, Airforce, or Navy.
    • Child support payments: Military service members are required to provide comprehensive and adequate child support. Besides the Airforce, each military branch has its own regulations. State law supersedes these military divorce instructions and determines, in the case of military divorces, the child support is based on the entitlements of the service member. This includes an allowance for basic pay, housing, basic allowance for subsistence, and any other special allowances.
    • Health care: After a military divorce San Diego, a non-military spouse, could opt for no-cost coverage if your marriage lasted for at least 20 years during active military service. Otherwise, they can purchase health insurance through the Continued Health Care Benefit Program.
      Our attorneys for navy divorce in San Diego understand the unique issues you are now facing. We think ahead so that your divorces settlement addresses matters such as if you are stationed as an active Marines, Airforce, or Navy service member in another state, but your ex-spouse wants to remain in San Diego, California with your children, or what will happen if you are sent overseas for a year or longer.
  2. Are Military Assets Divided in a Divorce?

    In general, military divorce San Diego assets are divided by a judge. The judge decides what issues are essential in your military divorce in San Diego. There is no formal rule book on when one particular issue, like unfaithfully cheating on a spouse, takes precedent over another, such as gambling your retirement away. Our airforce, navy, and marines divorce lawyer team are familiar with judges and the courts and what issues they hold important. We can use our expertise as leverage to get you the best resolution.Military retirement plans and your own assets can be challenging to divide due to their complexity during a military divorce in San Diego. Many factors can determine how and what assets are divided. By hiring a creative military divorce San Diego attorney, you can open up the door to more favorable results. Our firm knows what factors to expertly leverage. A judge will consider who earns more income, how long your marriage has lasted, infidelity by either party or if any of your community funds were used in any activity that undermined your family’s finances. The best way to protect assets is by contacting a San Diego military divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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Military divorce San Diego can be significantly more complicated than a divorce between two civilians because of issues that include:

  • Child custody and deployments
  • Division of your military benefits
  • Parental or child relocation
  • Child custody and support payments

We know the issues you are facing and how they are different from a standard divorce. You can have peace of mind that experienced, knowledgeable navy divorce San Diego lawyers are representing you. We plan ahead so that your divorce settlement addresses issues that matter to you.

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Our rates are among the most competitive in the San Diego, California, area. This means you will not have to worry about losing all your assets just to finalize your military divorce. We know how hard you already work, which is why you can leave the legal work to us. Contact us and fill out a form online or call 619-304-9817 to schedule your consultation—get a FREE case review today.

Divorcing in the San Diego Area? Count On Men’s Legal Center

At Men’s Legal Center, we strive to make the military divorce San Diego process as easy as possible for you and your family. We have represented military families through every step of a military divorce, from the first complimentary consultation through the completion of contested litigation. Our seasoned military divorce San Diego lawyers have experience in handling divorce, legal separations, annulments, and all associated elements, including property division and child support. We strive to provide the best resolutions in a cost-effective manner.

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