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Child Support Enforcement Issues

San Diego Child Support Lawyers
Child Support Enforcement Issues

When parents of a child or children complete a California divorce, there is almost always a child support order that is issued that governs the payments that are supposed to be made by the non-custodial parent.  While the initial child support order is based on several factors that look closely at the financial picture of the parties involved, there are situations that arise that lead to the failure to make child support payments. When it comes to fathers, this situation can become a problem in two different ways, each of which should be handled with the help of experienced San Diego child support lawyers. Below is a brief introduction to this situation.

California Child Support Enforcement

One of the situations that tends to arise is when the mother of the children is not making the required child support payments to the father. This can lead to serious consequences for the non-paying mother, but the state’s enforcement of the matter does not necessarily help the father until those payments are resumed.

Therefore, those fathers who need these child support payments but are not receiving them need to work with San Diego child support lawyers who can take the appropriate steps with the state to help these payments resume as soon as possible. This can often be done by way of making a motion to the court and with other legal options available for collection of the past due amounts.

California Child Support Enforcement Defense

The other way in which this situation can affect a father is if he has allegedly failed to remain current on his child support payments. If this accusation is made and the state begins to pursue this matter, it could lead to serious collection steps and even to being charged with contempt of court, as child support orders are considered court orders.

Therefore those fathers who find themselves in this position need to act in a proactive manner in order to avoid penal sanctions. San Diego child support lawyers who have handled these issues before can work to modify the child support order before it becomes a legal problem and they can work with the court and the state to help catch up to delinquent payments.

Overall, child support payments can become a problem for fathers at almost any time. If you face this situation, do not wait until the problem becomes worse. Instead, seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have helped many clients clarify these issues. Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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