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The Men’s Legal Center
San Diego Men’s Rights Lawyers

The Men’s Legal Center has been a local San Diego Family Law firm since 1986, with attorneys who service all of San Diego County and its surrounding areas.

The Men’s Legal Center focuses on representing husbands, fathers, and non-custodial parents in Family Court.

Our team of San Diego divorce lawyers is experienced, knowledgeable, aggressive, and most of all passionate about protecting our clients’ rights.

Our clients realize that their chances for a positive result in Family Court increased dramatically when they were effectively represented, and that achieving fair results is possible.

The Men’s Legal Center believes husbands, fathers, and non-custodial parents deserve effective representation in Family Court when so much is at stake.

Whether you need an attorney because you are considering a divorce, or have some other Family Law issue or have already been served papers, call the Men’s Legal Center today to set up an initial consultation with an attorney.

Call us at (619) 234-3838

Call us at (619) 234-3838

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