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Collaborative Law Divorce

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Collaborative Law Divorce

As people face the end of their marriage, they are often concerned if not outright fearful of the process of litigating a divorce in California, and that’s for good reason – divorces can take years to complete and be extraordinarily costly. The divorce litigation process also involves a high amount of stress and antagonism in many cases, which only adds to the overall misery of the process. Fortunately, an emerging alternative is being used by more people, and this process is known as collaborative law divorce. Below is a brief introduction to this process, and anyone who would like to learn more about it should seek the advice of an experienced San Diego divorce attorney.

What is Collaborative Law Divorce?

Collaborative law divorce is a process that was initially formulated less than 20 years ago as other forms of alternative dispute resolution including mediation were emerging. Collaborative law divorces generally involve the parties getting together to attempt to work out the issues that are always a part of a California divorce, including property and asset division. For many couples, the process of negotiating a settlement will also involve clarifying issues regarding child support, child custody, visitation, and spousal support.

A collaborative law divorce in California can involve either one San Diego divorce attorney helping both spouses or San Diego divorce attorneys who represent and help each party. However, this is not an adversarial process – the attorneys working on the divorce work together to reach a resolution.

In addition to the use of attorneys, which is not allowed in California divorce mediation, collaborative law divorces can also bring in independent and neutral professionals to help clarify other issues. These neutral professionals can include mental health professionals and financial experts to ensure that all of the issues pertaining to a divorce are resolved properly and in accordance with California family law. The Men’s Legal Center also specializes in uncontested divorces and attorney supervised uncontested divorces.

Advantages of Collaborative Law Divorces in California

The advantages presented by California collaborative law divorces are similar to the advantages found in California divorce mediation. The parties get to work out a resolution together that will give them a better opportunity to deal with each other in a civil fashion in the future. Their case can be resolved in a much faster fashion, and the parties can avoid much of the cost associated with a litigated California divorce.

However, before this process can get started, both parties to a divorce need to understand how it works, its advantages, and how it applies to their particular situation. If you would like to work towards a civil end to your marriage, contact the San Diego divorce attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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