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Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) Cases

Child support is always an issue that arises from a divorce where there were children of the marriage.  Generally, the non-custodial parent will be ordered to pay child support on a monthly basis until the child or the youngest of the children reaches the age of majority.  Unfortunately, circumstances can arise where the Department of Child Support Services, or DCSS, begins child support enforcement action against someone who allegedly owed child support.  Anyone who has been contacted by DCSS should seek the immediate help of an experienced San Diego child support lawyer.  Below is an overview of this issue.

How a DCSS Enforcement Action Begins

Generally, DCSS will get involved with a child support enforcement action when the party who is owed child support provides the agency with information stating that the child support payments are in arrears.  DCSS is notoriously aggressive, and there have been many situations where they begin collection actions without having true and accurate information from the complaining party.

Potential Steps the DCSS Can Take to Collect Child Support Payments

DCSS has been given a broad range of power in order to be able to collect child support payments and amounts that are deemed to be past due.  The steps available to them may include:

  • Mandatory wage withholding – DCSS can have a person’s paycheck garnished until the past due child support is paid.
  • Health insurance coverage assignment – DCSS can force the non-custodial parent to include the children in a health coverage plan, with the amount paid for this coverage being deducted from their past due amount.
  • DMV action – DCSS can have a person’s driver’s license suspended or revoked, and driving privileges will only be restored when the past due amount is paid or a payment plan is accepted by the agency.
  • Property liens – DCSS can place a lien on any property that is owned by the parent who allegedly owes child support, and this property can include real property, bank accounts, vehicles or any other asset.

Fighting DCSS Actions

Unfortunately, there have been many instances in the past where DCSS has either gone after the wrong person or they have enforced collections against someone who was not behind in child support payments.  When this situation arises, the affected party can work with San Diego child support lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center who have handled these cases in the past so that the situation can be resolved fairly for everyone involved.  If you face this problem, contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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