Find Out How Kwan’s Husband Fumbled Divorce Process


Find Out How Kwan’s Husband Fumbled Divorce Process

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By California law, you’re legally required to let your spouse or domestic partner know that you’ve begun the legal process for divorce. This is done by “serving” them with the necessary court papers. Clay Pell, husband of Olympic ice skater Michelle Kwan, chose a different route: he announced his intention to divorce in a tweet.

We’ll talk about it in this issue.

How Michelle Kwan’s husband told her of his intention to divorce.

Pell first revealed his intentions to divorce on his Twitter account on March 29 of this year. Shortly thereafter, he released a statement to the Providence Journal that read, “It is with deep regret that I share that Michelle and my marriage is coming to an end.”

He wants their divorce to be handled in California.

Shortly after reading about his intentions online and in the news, Kwan’s divorce lawyers filed her own divorce papers in Rhode Island, where the couple have lived. She has attempted – unsuccessfully – to have him served with divorce papers 10 times.

How should I serve my wife with divorce papers?

We’ve written before about why it pays to take the high road when having your spouse or partner served with divorce papers, especially to avoid your divorce being vacated. In short, there’s really nothing to be gained in having them served in a setting that will surely cause embarrassment.
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Who can I use to have my wife or partner served?

You actually have quite a few options in deciding who will serve your divorce papers.

It can be a:

  • Friend or relative;
  • Co-worker;
  • County sheriff or constable;
  • Professional court process server; or
  • Anyone over 18.

The key is to make sure that whoever does the serving not be a part of your divorce case. That person will have to complete a proof of service form that will tell the court:

  • Whom was served;
  • When they were served;
  • Where they were served; and
  • How they were served.

That proof of service will be given to you so that you can then file it with the court.

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Divorce is a process, sometimes with strange causes for divorce, but it’s crucial that you follow that process to make sure there are no unexpected surprises, and that your interests are legally protected.

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