Women and Divorce: The New Reality of Child Custody


Women and Divorce: The New Reality of Child Custody

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Child custody is a question that has generated more emotion and conflict than almost any other related to the dissolution of marriages and relationships.  Where the children will live, who will have control of them, who is allowed to make decisions for them and who will pay for it all are some of the biggest decisions a divorcing couple makes.

In the past, women seemed the “automatic” choice for custody in most cases.  In fact, this belief was so prevalent that many men did not even try to gain custody of their children because they simply believed they would lose.  Many men still believe this is the case, but the fact is that times are changing.  Women are no longer seen as the only alternative for custody of the children, and men are gaining ground not only in shared custody agreements but also in sole custody of their children if the mother is not in a position to raise the children alone.

The attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center are ready to discuss your child custody situation and help you decide if you should pursue custody of your children on a shared plan or even attempt a sole custody case.

Changing Custody Statistics

In 2009, the United States Census Bureau issued a report that stated that about 1 in 6 custodial parents were fathers.  This was a change from earlier years when almost no fathers received custody.  However, fathers are still far less likely to receive child support than mothers.  Many fathers may be afraid to “rock the boat” when it comes to filing a complaint to receive child support from a mother who leaves the family; they might fear that if they pursue child support, the mother will pursue custody of the children.

Unfortunately, in the past, this tactic might have proven effective, and in some family courts it could still work.  Furthermore, many fathers may actually be raising their children even if their former wives have legal custody of the children.  This means that fathers are often the victims of societal beliefs that only mothers are the logical choice for custody, and many fathers may be raising children without the legal status or the child support they should receive.

The Men’s Legal Center is dedicated to helping fathers who may be suffering through such situations. Contact the Men’s Legal Center today in order to learn about your rights and how you may be able to win custody of your children.

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