When the Bomb Drops


When the Bomb Drops

when she drops the divorce bomb

For many men, a request for divorce from his wife is the first indication that something is wrong in the marriage. In many cases, the news hits him seemingly “out of the blue.” The truth is that many men fail to see the signs that the wife is unhappy and the marriage is not working. Once “the bomb drops,” many men are left confused, angry and fearful. According to Steven Lerner, Ph.D., the husband not only loses his wife and kids, but his entire social network. These men often feel like failures and fall into a deep depression.

However, many in the mental health field believe this is the perfect opportunity for a man to redefine his masculinity. That means shifting the focus from the wife to himself. In some cases this has a positive impact on the marriage. Regardless of whether the marriage works or not, however, this technique will often have a positive impact on the man. Many men will instinctively try to isolate themselves during a divorce. However, it is imperative that they go in the opposite direction. For example, they should rekindle old friendships and actively cultivate new ones.

What Should I Do After the Bomb Drops?

While the initial “bomb drop” may feel devastating, it is important for the man to pick himself up and actively help himself. Along with being more social and working on himself, he should protect himself by speaking with a skilled divorce attorney. It is not unusual for a man to suffer financial loss in divorce, especially if he is the higher earner in the relationship. However, this does not have to be the case. With the help of a skilled and experienced divorce attorney, the man can seek a fair divorce agreement that equally benefits both parties.

The team at Men’s Legal Center is here to help you when the bomb drops. We understand that divorce is an extremely stressful and emotional process. Our divorce attorneys can help you by ensuring your voice is heard and your needs are met. We will help you through each step of the process, from what to do after your wife tells you she wants a divorce to crafting a child custody agreement, carrying out asset division and the finalization of the divorce. When facing divorce, it can be difficult to see clearly and make the best decisions for your future. That is why our team of divorce attorneys are standing by to help you. Give us a call today for more information.

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