Tips for Getting Through Your Workday During a Divorce


Tips for Getting Through Your Workday During a Divorce


Your motivation for work can take quite a beating during a divorce process – especially if the split is not amicable.

The emotions often brought on by the life-changing event can spill over into just about all aspects of your day, including that of your work life.

In this issue, the San Diego men’s divorce lawyers with the Men’s Legal Center will give you tips for staying focused and productive at work.

  1. No divorce prep at work.
    From reading motions and complaints to meeting court deadlines and developing a parenting schedule, there’s plenty to keep your mind occupied during a divorce. The problem, though, is that if you concentrate on any of those during your workday, you’ll likely lose focus on your assignments.

    By keeping communications with your divorce lawyer and your spouse or partner on a structured schedule, you’ll more apt to stay on track in the workplace.

  2. Find a method of escape.
    The workday can be stressful on its own. When you add divorce to the mix, the stress can easily get on top of you. To avoid letting this happen, try to find an activity that will allow you to breathe and ease your mind.

    It could be as simple as getting up for a cup of coffee; sitting in your car quietly or listening to tunes; going for a short 10-minute walk, or just finding a space where you can close your eyes and concentrate on relaxing breathing techniques.

  3. Be engaged at work.
    Effective ways to keep your mind focused on the tasks at hand include joining work committees; participating in group discussions and conversations; or volunteering to take on additional projects.
  4. Be careful about whom you share the news with.
    Letting your supervisor know about your ongoing divorce is generally ok, since you may be taking stretches of days off at a time to focus on it.

    Telling other people besides your supervisor, though, can be dicey as that tends to bring extra drama into the office.

  5. Organize your workspace.
    Take a few minutes on you next workday to declutter and organize your workspace. This helps to make you more efficient and productive. Be sure to remove any family photos that may trigger negative and distracting thoughts.

For More Advice About Your Divorce Process, Call the San Diego Men’s Divorce Lawyers With the Men’s Legal Center.

Even though divorce can be a mentally draining experience, it’s imperative you do all you can to keep your job.

For more advice about your divorce and to talk about your options, get in touch with us by calling (619) 234-3838, send an email or complete our online form.

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