More than 300 Cases of Child Custody Abduction in Japan


State Department Records Show More than 300 Cases of Child Custody Abduction in Japan

When people get married and one of the spouses is not an American citizen, it could give rise to serious problems down the road if the couple has children and later decide to pursue a divorce.  That’s an unfortunately common situation, but there have been international treaties signed by most countries that’s known as the Hague Convention treaty that provides for some form of process and jurisdiction when one parent flees one country for another with the children of the marriage.

However, few people seem to know that Japan has long been the only nation in the Group of Seven to have not signed onto this treaty.  Therefore, when parents of children who have the option of returning to Japan do so with their children, there is little if anything that can be done to have the children returned.  This is true even if the Japanese parent directly violates court orders and travel restrictions.

Sadly, recent releases of information have revealed that there are currently 321 cases of child custody abduction on record that involve these specific situations.  After enduring much in the way of international pressure, the government of Japan finally did sign the Hague Convention treaty that deals with these problems.  However, it seems unlikely that this treaty will extend to cases where the parent has already fled to that country and will only involve those cases that arise in the future.

San Diego Child Custody Lawyers

Clearly, any father who faces the sudden realization that his children have been taken from him against a court order must deal with a terribly difficult situation.  The best initial step for someone who is forced into this position to take is to seek the immediate help of San Diego child custody lawyers so that the legal processes that are available to the father can begin to unfold.

If you face this situation or even the possibility of it, contact the San Diego child custody lawyers at the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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