Revisions to Divorce Law Level Playing Field


Revisions to Divorce Law Level Playing Field

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Divorce today has greatly changed from what it was a decade or more ago. Nearly all states in the US have taken steps to revise divorce law to reflect a new view on the modern state of the family as well as reconsidering what is really in the “best interests” of the child. These revisions have helped to create a more level playing field for both parents during divorce proceedings. Many fathers now have a better chance at equity in divorce and child custody proceedings and of developing a close relationship with their children.

Despite these changes, there are many fathers who feel they are discriminated against. How are some fathers able to obtain positive child custody arrangements? The team at Men’s Legal Center is happy to share with you key ways to reach a beneficial and mutually agreeable child custody settlement.

  • Create a Flexible Parenting Arrangement – Parents who can agree on shared custody will find that they are able to provide their children with satisfying parent-child relationships. For example, some parents create a rotatable schedule where the child stays in the family home and the parents rotate who lives there with them. This keeps the child’s schedule and living space the same and allows both parents to be a part of the child’s life.
  • Attempt Peaceful Methods – If you can, settle your issues outside of court by using divorce mediation. This process introduces a neutral mediator who can resolve the issues of divorce, including child custody arrangements. Mediation will give you more control and allow your voice to be better heard about the type of custody arrangement you think is best for your child. This type of process is specially designed to diffuse tension between the two parents so they can come to an amicable agreement. This can also set the stage for more positive and successful co-parenting post-divorce.
  • Consider Changing Roles – Today the family unit is often seen as non-traditional. Sometimes the father may stay at home while the wife works. Sometimes both parents work. These changing roles have contributed to a change in custody resolutions. Consider non-traditional roles for the two of you in taking care of parenting responsibilities.
  • Hire the Right Attorney – No matter what type of relationship you have with your ex, from volatile to amicable, it is important to have an experienced divorce attorney by your side. An experienced family law attorney will be there to help you determine the best arrangement for your children and help you fight for it if needed.

Though divorce can be extremely difficult, today’s divorced dads have far more options for being with their kids than ever before. If you are involved in the divorce process or are considering it but want to know your options, speak with the experienced divorce attorneys at Men’s Legal Center.

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