Learn What To Do During Your Child’s Medical Emergency


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Medical emergencies are never scheduled, but if one occurs to your child during visitation, you’re on deck. The ability to provide necessary and effective treatment could literally be the difference between life and death.

In this issue, we’ll talk about the importance of knowing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), where you can get CPR training in San Diego, and the basic checklist for what every parent should keep on-hand in a first-aid kit.

Why should I learn CPR?

In many situations which can happen in the blink of an eye, CPR is a lifesaving toolset. According to the American Heart Association, CPR can be vital in keeping oxygenated blood flowing to your loved one’s brain and other organs until more professional medical help an arrive.

What if I’m not trained in CPR?

If you’re not already trained in effective CPR, you can still provide crucial lifesaving help. Call 911 immediately to ensure medical professionals are on the way and if necessary the phone operator will guide you through anything you need to do.

Learn your ABCs
The three (3) things that are most important during a medical emergency revolve around the ABCs of first aid, which includes checking:

  • airways;
  • breathing; and

Where can I learn CPR in San Diego?

Your best bet is with the American Red Cross, here in San Diego. They have a number of courses that you can take in-person or online.

What should I include in a first-aid kit?

While basic first-aid kits are available at most medical chain stores, they’re definitely not a “one-size-fits-all” remedy. Your child may have unique medical needs that will need to be addressed.

Here’s a suggested list of the essentials that should be included in your home first-aid kit:

  • adhesive bandages and gauze pads in various sizes for treating most wounds;
  • gloves;
  • scissors;
  • alcohol-free cleaning wipes;
  • anesthetic sprays (Bactine for rashes and Calamine for insect bites are a good start);
  • oral antihistamines;
  • safety pins that can be used to secure dressings;
  • a CPR mask;
  • digital thermometer;
  • aspirin;
  • eyewash saline solution;
  • sting relief spray;
  • your child’s prescribed medications.

Facing Divorce in San Diego? Call The Men’s Legal Center

We certainly hope that you never have to use them, but having the right knowledge and tools on-hand during medical emergencies can easily and substantially improve the chances of your loved one recovering sooner.

If you’re a man facing divorce, we urge you to get in touch with us here at the Men’s Legal Center. Our sole purpose is to make sure men have the resources and knowledge they need for the best possible outcome in family court.

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