How To Style Your Daughter’s Hair



Few things strike fear into the hearts of the bravest man like the thought of being responsible for their daughter’s hair. Many divorced dads often stand stone-faced at the mere thought of becoming the “hair dad.”

In this issue, we’ll share a few life-hacking tips that will hopefully give you the skills and confidence you need in getting your daughter ready to face the world outside the home.

Why do many fathers need help with their daughter’s hair?

Perhaps the need for help stems from a lack of creative flair, previous experience that involved only buzz cuts or a complete lack of coordination. Whatever the reason, the need for help is real.

One single dad in Florida was featured in People magazine for his efforts in teaching other single fathers a few tricks he learned along the way. Once mastering the art of ponytails and French braids, and learning of the wonder of hair gel, the online salesperson quickly realized that other single dads could benefit from his knowledge.

So he launched the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory, a bi-weekly class inn which single dads and daughters of all ages learn things like how to detangle long hair and how to coil the perfect hair bun.

Where can I learn how to style my daughter’s hair?

Here in the digital age, there’s plenty of resources available for you. For example, here’s a story about a single dad who learned how to do his 6-year-old daughter’s hair by watching YouTube videos online.

Below are a few easy peasy tips to help build up your confidence in styling your daughter’s hair.

  • Doing the twisted ponytail.
    Whether she has straight or curly hair, pull your daughter’s hair back into a ponytail, then place a hairband down on the ponytail. Now, form a hole in the section of hair that’s above the hairband and pull the bottom of the ponytail through.
  • Class-up a ponytail.
    Separate your daughter’s hair into two sections with one in front and the other in the back. Be sure to secure the hair in back into a ponytail. Now, pull the right portion on the front across the back of her head and pin to the top of the ponytail so that the elastic band is hidden. To finish up, do the same with the front left section of hair so that it falls over the ponytail before securely pinning it.

Before you even attempt any styling, be sure to gently remove any tangles in your daughter’s hair and gently spritz her hair with a spray bottle. Slightly damp hair is far easier to style than dry hair.

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