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Finding Your Voice in Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation in San Diego can be extremely effective if both parties are making an honest effort to take part in the process. In this issue, the San Diego divorce attorneys with the Men’s...

How To Style Your Daughter’s Hair

Few things strike fear into the hearts of the bravest man like the thought of being responsible for their daughter’s hair. Many divorced dads often stand stone-faced at the mere thought of becoming the...
The New Post-Divorce Parenting Idea Gavel Statue

Nesting: The New Post-Divorce Parenting Idea

There’s a relatively new term that’s making its way across the relationship lexicon these days. It’s called “nesting.” If you’re a divorced father or soon will be, you’ll want to hear about it. We’ll...
Do More Expensive Weddings Lead to Divorce?

Do More Expensive Weddings Lead to Divorce?

Is it true that you can’t buy happiness? A study confirming a possible link between lavish weddings and divorce seems to indicate that. We’ll talk more about it in this issue

How Divorce Is Threatening Popular Snopes Site

A contentious divorce between the founders of “fact-checking” website is showing just how sticky things can be for business owners during divorce proceedings. In this issue, we’ll shed light on what’s happening in...
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Discover The Meaning Of A Good Divorce

A few years ago, TIME magazine featured a cover story entitled “The Rise of the ‘Good Divorce.’” The obvious question is, “what exactly is a good divorce?” We’ll talk about it in this issue

What Does It Mean To Have Your Divorce Vacated?

Back in December, reality TV star Apollo Nida of Real Housewives of Atlanta fame tried furiously to have his divorce thrown out of court by divorce lawyers. It’s a process known as having a...
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Why Hiring a Divorce Lawyer is the Smart Move

Among the more perilous mistakes, men can make during the divorce process is not hiring a lawyer to represent them. From letting their spouse talk them into not having legal representation to thinking it...