Handling Military Divorce


Handling Military Divorce

handling military divorce

Serving our country can be difficult for those who must be away from home for extended periods of time. If you are moving around frequently and do not get to visit home often, it can put an incredible strain on your family dynamic. Furthermore, some military spouses decide that life is not for them and want to end their marriages to pursue other options. This can result in heartache and pain for the serviceman or woman whose only desire was to serve in the military.

When you are facing a divorce, it is incredibly important for you to have the help of experienced military divorce lawyers in San Diego, like those at Men’s Legal Center. When you need the assistance of San Diego military divorce lawyers, you can always rely on those at Men’s Legal Center to support you through these difficult times.

How Are Military Divorces Different From Others?

Normally, a divorcing couple lives in the same household and may even own the property. However, military couples may be facing a divorce after a long period of physical separation as well as moving several times. Therefore, a military divorce may differ from civilian divorce in several important aspects. You should also consider a marital settlement agreement to speed up your military divorce. 

There are three things that concern most people seeking military divorces:

  • If you have children together, it may be of primary importance to you to ensure that they do not suffer from the divorce but that your rights to see them are uninterrupted. It is important to remember that non-military spouses are often under- or unemployed due to frequent moves, so child support is often a given in a military divorce. Custody for those who deploy often is usually not an option, so it is important to have an alternative for custody, such as your parents or a sibling, if your former spouse is unable or unwilling to take the children, as well.
  • Spousal support. If your former spouse gave up a career or put off going to school in order for you to deploy or attend training, it is likely that you will have to pay spousal support to allow her to finish her own education or job training. However, this amount can be adjusted once she has employment. It is very important to have an attorney who works with you on this issue and protects you from excessive requests for spousal support and to make sure your spouse doesn’t make you suffer by debunking San Diego military divorce myths.
  • If you plan to retire from the military, is it important to think about how you will divide your military pension or if you will offer your spouse cash in lieu of a portion of your pension? This may seem like a problem for the future, but spouses can take up to half of your pension for life in some cases, so it is critical that you protect yourself.

If you are looking for a San Diego legal separation lawyer to help you with your military separation or divorce, call Men’s Legal Center. An experienced San Diego divorce attorney will help you protect your rights and take the steps necessary to reach a resolution in your divorce issues.

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