Deja Vu: McCourt Divorce Settlement Upheld, But May Be Revisited


Deja Vu: McCourt Divorce Settlement Upheld, But May Be Revisited

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Former Dodgers CEO Jamie McCourt argued that $131 million was not enough in her 2010 divorce settlement given that the team later sold for $2 billion.  She argued that she was misled by her former husband about the team’s value, but a judge ruled that she did not present enough evidence to overturn the settlement or reopen the divorce case.

McCourt contends that her ex-husband, Frank McCourt, former Dodgers owner, now owes her $770 million from the sale of the team.  She claims that he knew the value of the team all along and deliberately misled her when she filed for divorce.

The judge, however, ruled that Jamie McCourt has not proven her case and that she had adequate information at the time of the settlement to create a reasonable valuation of the team’s worth.  The judge also found no credible evidence that Frank McCourt misled his ex-wife in any way.  Jamie McCourt’s attorney says she plans to appeal the ruling.

The Dodgers went into bankruptcy less than one year after the October 2010 divorce.  The financial future of the owner had been questionable, but the sudden sale of the team brought his finances back up to the “high water mark.”  However, he has been required to pay more than $460 million in state and federal taxes due to the sale of the team, according to his lawyers.

Can She Do That?

Jamie McCourt’s motion may seem extreme to men who have been divorced for more than three years and leads to the question, “Can my ex-wife still come after me for more money?”

In general, the only way a wife is allowed to re-sue her ex-husband for more settlement money is if there was a material misrepresentation of the facts at the time of the divorce.  This is one reason why having a lawyer represent the husband’s interests at the time of the divorce is often a wise idea.

While most men are not settling marital assets in the range of $2 billion, even a “regular” guy may need help from a legal team that understands men’s issues when it comes to divorce, child custody and child support agreements.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to learn how we can help.

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