Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce


Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce

child custody evaluations

When a couple decides to divorce, it can be a complicated process. The process is made even more complicated when children are involved. Child custody issues can be difficult to navigate and are often contested. This makes the divorce even messier.

In some cases, the court may order a California child custody evaluation or ‘730 Evaluation’ when child custody issues cannot be resolved. A single parent may also request an evaluation if he or she does not think the other parent is suitable. If you have found yourself in the middle of a child custody battle and are facing a 730 Evaluation, the team at Men’s Legal Center is ready to help.

What is a 730 Evaluation?

In California, a child custody evaluation is a special process where the court appoints an expert to study your family to determine the best custody arrangement for the child. This expert is typically a licensed mental health professional. Their evaluation can last weeks because they must learn about how your family works. They will look at the situation from a psychological and legal standpoint. The expert’s evaluation and recommendation will carry a great deal of weight in court.

Can I Challenge the Results of the Child Custody Evaluation?

Sometimes the final recommendations of the expert are not acceptable to one of the parents. When this happens, they can undertake the difficult process of challenging the expert. This typically involves putting expert witnesses on the stand for a cross-examination. You can also present evidence from another expert who came to a different conclusion about how the child custody situation should be resolved.

How Can the Men’s Legal Center Help?

Child custody evaluations are difficult for all those involved. To ensure you have the best chance at a positive outcome to any case involving your children, turn to the team of child custody lawyers at Men’s Legal Center. We will use our knowledge and skill to ensure your legal rights are fully protected.

Child custody rulings can be difficult to overturn, so you need to act quickly to present the right type of evidence and information to the court so that you have the best chance at getting the custody arrangement you think is best for your child. The team at Men’s Legal Center is here to help you do this the right way and achieve your custody goals.

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