Behaviors That May Mean It Is Time for Divorce


Behaviors That May Mean It Is Time for Divorce

behaviors that lead to divorce

From the loss of a job to having children, the day-to-day stresses of life can cause even the most loving couples to question their long-term relationship. However, there are also behaviors and attitudes that are unacceptable for any partner. These behaviors are commonly cited by those who choose divorce as the reason for a separation. These behaviors are unacceptable and could indicate that it is time for the partners to end their relationship.

  • Lack of Respect – When one or both spouses stop showing respect to each other, the marriage can quickly fall apart. This lack of respect is a key element in divorce and is usually involved in other issues the couple faces.
  • Excessive Control – In a healthy relationship, both spouses have their own interests, friends and life. In an unhealthy relationship, one spouse can make the other feel guilty for enjoying these things outside the marriage. This type of behavior is not healthy and will make both spouses miserable.
  • The Blame Game – If a spouse cannot take responsibility for his or her actions, it creates the perfect climate for a divorce. Blaming the other spouse for all marital problems is a sign that one partner is unwilling to change or work on the relationship.
  • Self-Centeredness – When one spouse is unable to speak their mind and must “walk on eggshells” because the other has no regard for anyone else’s feelings, the relationship will quickly become stifled.
  • Critical – If one spouse is extremely critical and even emotionally abusive, it will instill fear and doubt in the partner and can even destroy that partner’s self-esteem.
  • Abuse – A spouse who is abusive is not likely to change unless there is professional intervention. This type of spouse will be extremely controlling and will make the other spouse feel unsafe.

If you are facing any of these issues with your spouse, it does not mean that you should jump straight to divorce. In many instances, counseling can help you two work through your issue. However, if you are facing many of these issues and have had no success with counseling, it may be time to consider divorce.

The skilled divorce attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center can help you weigh your options and determine the best steps to take. We will offer you sound legal advice and be there each step of the way through the entire divorce process. If you have children, we can also help you fight for a fair child custody agreement.

Divorce is a scary and stressful process, even if it is what you want. Be sure to have a skilled divorce attorney by your side by calling the Men’s Legal Center today.

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