Are There Two Divorce Seasons?


divorce seasons

While it’s probably not the best of ways to ring in the New Year, the month of January typically signals an uptick in the number of divorce filings.

Known unofficially as “Divorce Season 1,” the period of increased filings normally stretches into March before tapering off and picking up in August for “Divorce Season 2.”

Reasons for Divorce Seasons

We can’t blame the gloomy winter weather for the uptick in divorce filings. Rather, in most cases, it’s facing reality after the holiday season.

While we’ve written before about the Divorce Season that begins in January, a study from the University of Washington confirmed the existence of a second period – beginning in August – that’s also active for divorce filings.

Many spouses and partners do not want holiday season memories to be blemished by divorce filings, so they wait for the calendar sweet spot between the post-holiday glow and summertime vacation planning.

According to UW researchers, those filing for divorce in January may feel the anticipation of new beginnings.

“People tend to face the holidays with rising expectations, despite the disappointments they might have had in years past. There’s the opportunity for a new beginning, a new start, something different. It’s like an optimism cycle.”

The increase of filings in August is usually done after the family vacation but before the start of their kids’ school year.

Financial Reasons

Because a couple’s financing is so greatly impacted by divorce, those who intend to file for divorce first often need time to gather complete information about their finances.

That can be a difficult thing to do during the holiday season or while on vacation.

Also, as long as you’re married for at least one day of the New Year, you should still be able to file your income taxes jointly.

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There’s simply too much at stake, and everything must be done correctly the first time.

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