4 Fun Benefits of Teaching Your Child to Cook


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If you’re a divorced father or will be soon, it’s not difficult to find ways to connect with your child and create life-lasting memories. In recent columns, we’ve talked about the fun of experiencing fishing and camping with your child.

But you don’t have to leave your house to have fun with your child. In this issue, the San Diego family law attorneys with the Men’s Legal Center will talk about the benefits and joys of introducing your child to cooking.

Benefits of Cooking With Your Child

An article from the New York Times did an excellent job of illustrating the numerous payoffs from children from learning to cook in the kitchen. Whether your child is 4 or 14, it may take a while for the benefits to show, but they eventually will.

  1. Learning important information about health.
    Generally speaking, home cooked meals made from scratch tend to be fresh and lower in calories. Some food experts confirm that one of the most lasting lessons about health is learning to cook for yourself at home. By cooking with your child from scratch, you can talk about the benefits of healthy foods, like fish and chicken and fresh vegetables.
  2. You’ll get to know each other much better.
    Cooking together is the epitome of quality time as a family. By working together as you put a meal together, you and your child operate as a team. Even if either of you lose your patience, it’s a good opportunity to express unconditional love and forgiveness. Overall, the relaxed atmosphere in the kitchen lends itself to open and often wide-ranging conversation.
  3. Saying, “I can” rather than “I can’t.”
    Learning to cook does wonders for one’s self-esteem. The instant feedback is given through the cooking process and eventual tasting helps you and your child to develop an increased self-awareness and new skills.
  4. Comprehension levels increase.

While cooking, your child is learning how to read step-by-step instructions, and the sequential adding of ingredients. These are all-important components to completing the meal, and can serve as basic life lessons to be used in everyday life.

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