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There are several meditation options available. Private Mediation is to have the parties try to resolve the family law issues early on in the process. The cost of paying a third-party neutral makes sense to expedite the narrowing of the issues. Often, proposing a global settlement upfront makes a lot of sense.

Now, there are two preconditions to optimizing private mediation: Both parties need to be emotionally ready to settle and move on with their lives; and each party needs to have worked up their case. The parties need to come to the negotiating table ready to resolve all issues. This means having a parenting plan for the children, their relative income and a clear understanding of the martial assets and debts to discuss.

You cannot settle your case if you do not thoroughly understand your position. In the example of a Paternity suit, you must have an idea of what the parenting plan or child sharing arrangement should be for you and your co-parent. You should be able to discuss how much child support should the non-custodial parent pay. What does it take to put a roof over the child’s head and food on the table? Should the parties split the extracurricular costs of the child, such as music lessons and soccer camp? A detailed workup is critical if you are seeking a global settlement AND the parties should strive for a global settlement to get out of the court system.

In divorce or paternity, much is at stake that — finances permitting, you should hire a professional to help you work through the issues thoroughly. The ideal scenario would be to choose a family law attorney who has some years under his/her belt. Retain this attorney with the goal of working up your case to go to a third-party neutral for a global settlement.

It helps to have your family law attorney write up a settlement proposal early on in the process. However, the other side may be reluctant to “deal,” if the proposal is “your” idea. A third-party neutral may be needed to “sell” your offer to the other side.

To settle a case, a Third-Party neutral needs to explain the likely outcome in court if the case proceeds through the court system and attorney fee cost.

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