What Is Actually to Blame for Low-Income Family Divorce?


What Is Actually to Blame for Low-Income Family Divorce?

A study by the Pew Research Center in 2014 revealed that women view the ideal mate as a man who has a steady job. The researchers found that just under 80 percent of the never-married women in the study said that it was important to find “someone with a steady job.” This same study also found that 70 percent of women want someone who possesses similar ideas about children, from having them to raising them.

An earlier and comparable 2007 poll by the Pew Research Center shows that women also want an even distribution of familial and providing responsibilities. This issue has quickly risen to be one of the defining features of a “good marriage” in the US. Surprisingly, the poll revealed that equal division in domestic life outweighs income, religion and even having children.

Dividing Responsibilities, Dividing Marriages

The national divorce rate average has been declining. However, research shows that low-income family divorce rates have not kept up with the national average. The new researched released by Pew Research Center shows that low-income families are less able to divide responsibilities, leading to less satisfaction in the marriage.

Bill Doherty, a University of Minnesota family social science professor, concluded that there is a “historically high expectations for what young people call a 50-50 marriage…high-intimacy, high-income marriage where both partners contribute, regardless of income bracket.” However, he concludes that unless both partners have a good economic base and possess high enough levels of personal maturity, it can be extremely difficult to achieve a 50/50 split. Lower-income families who struggle economically will have the hardest time managing this type of marriage, leading to higher divorce rates.

Seeking Divorce in San Diego

Divorce is never an easy thing. Divorce is expensive and can also be a long and psychologically harmful process. Individuals may wonder how they can successfully seek a divorce without spending a fortune.

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