Valentine's Day Without Your Ex


Valentine’s Day Without Your Ex

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If you are facing divorce, this may be your first Valentine’s Day without your spouse. This can cause some deep feelings to surface; you may be surprised how sad you feel as the day approaches. There is nothing unusual about this; the end of a relationship is always emotional and painful if the relationship was invested with true caring. However, the fact that you are getting divorced should not mean that you must resign yourself to being miserable on Valentine’s Day.

Here are some tips to get you through Valentine’s Day with less heartache and more fun!

  • Put things in perspective. If you are a person who put a great deal of importance on rituals and romance, Valentine’s Day may be hard for you. However, it may help to remind yourself that these things are transient and that there are many people who will be single this year on Valentine’s Day. You are not alone, and eventually you may meet someone else with whom to enjoy this day. In the meantime, treat yourself kindly and focus on your own happiness.
  • Do something fun. There are plenty of fun things to do on Valentine’s Day for single people. In fact, in a big city like San Diego, there are entire industries devoted to creating fun outings for single people. Some of these are dating-related, some are not. Find an event that you will enjoy that will not put pressure on you to meet potential partners, such as a cooking class or a concert. Make a date with yourself to have fun!
  • Avoid romance if possible. This may not be the best time to strike up a new romance. If you are still upset over your breakup or feel a bit out of control, taking on a new relationship can ultimately make things worse. You may find that your Valentine’s Day is much less stressful if you spend it alone, even if you are not crazy about the idea of being single.
  • Spend time with your kids. The most important people you can see this Valentine’s Day are your children. Try to arrange to see them at least some of the time so that you can spend quality time together.

At the Men’s Legal Center, we know that these holidays can be hard. We are dedicated to helping you handle your divorce and recover to be stronger than ever. Contact us today for help.


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