Top Mistakes Men Make In Divorces


Top Mistakes Men Make In Divorces

Divorce Mistakes

If you are going through a divorce there are probably some mistakes you may make during the divorce process. The nature of those mistakes and their ultimate consequences depend on your particular circumstances, but in general it is a good idea to stop, take a deep breath, and try to avoid the most common and most serious of these errors.

The Men’s Legal Center can help you navigate the troubled waters of divorce and protect your rights as well as those of your children. Here are a few errors that men frequently make in a divorce situation and how to avoid them:

  • Involving your children. Children are often the blameless victims of divorce, and this almost always occurs because parents insist on involving them or even making them choose sides. This is one of the worst things you can do to your children. No matter how tempted you are to appeal to their sense of fairness or their emotions, leave them out of it. If your ex does not do the same, do not sink to the same level of conflict.
  • Bringing in another woman. Even if you are tempted to start dating right away, do not do so. You are probably not emotionally ready, but even if you are, this is one proven method to turn a relatively amicable divorce ugly instantly. Wait till the divorce is final to start dating.
  • Using your spouse’s attorney. It may seem like a money-saving strategy to use one attorney but it can backfire quickly. Your spouse’s attorney will represent your spouse’s interests rather than your own, so it is impossible to get fair treatment under this system. Hire your own attorney, even if he or she has little to do but consult with your attorney on your final agreement.
  • Acting passively. Even if you do not want the divorce, it is a mistake to agree to everything your ex wants. If your spouse is the bullying type, she may get you to agree to less than you deserve. You may feel very differently about this agreement in a year or two, when it is much harder to rectify it. Instead, stand up for yourself and protect your rights immediately.

If you are facing a divorce, child custody or support battle or any other family law-related issue, contact the experienced attorneys at the Men’s Legal Center today for help.


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