The Impact of Gray Divorce


The Impact of Gray Divorce

the impact of gray divorce

When two people have been married for many years and decide to divorce, they are often faced with the daunting prospect of living alone after many years of co-habitation. They are also usually facing the disbelief of children, family and friends who may find it difficult to understand why they feel the need to separate after so many years.

The Impact of Gray Divorce

Older couples are divorcing at much higher rates than in past years. According to recent reports, the divorce rates for those over age 50 has doubled since 1990, while the rates for other age groups has stayed the same or even dropped. About 25 percent of all divorces taking place in the United States today involves people over fifty, and about 10 percent involve people over 65.

This so-called “gray divorce” revolution has caused havoc in the lives of many people under 50. When children become adults and marry, they often assume that their parents will spend the rest of their lives together. When this is not the case, adult children can be left confused and angry at their parents.

However, in many cases the parents have simply grown apart. After spending so many years raising children and sharing money, a home and family times, parents of adult children may simply decide that they do not want to spend the rest of their lives trapped in a marriage that may feel loveless or cold.

In some cases, the so-called “mid-life crisis” is also to blame. This is the term often given to partners who have been more or less happily married for many years and suddenly behave in unexpected ways, such as having an extramarital affair, spending large amounts of money or taking up a time-consuming new hobby.

What Can I Do If I Am Facing A Gray Divorce?

If you are facing divorce after 50, it is very important that you have the legal help of an attorney who understands your unique financial needs. You will need to pay very close attention to your financial circumstances to ensure you have enough money for retirement. Contact Men’s Legal Center for help. We can not only ensure that your divorce issues are handled properly but can also help you with estate planning and other financial tasks related to the dissolution of your marriage. Call today for a consultation.

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