Study Shows That Men Who Pay Child Support Twice As Likely to Remarry


There have always been misconceptions attached to men who have been through a divorce, and these misconceptions have persisted to the point where the men who have been through it must deal with these ideas.  One of those misconceptions appears to have been clarified by a recent study that dealt with the statistics regarding men who were paying child support and their tendency to remarry.

The general belief in society is that men who were paying child support from a previous marriage were less likely to remarry because their finances were somewhat strained and their priorities would always seem to be geared towards those children.  However, according to a recent study, the opposite is true.  Men who are paying child support are twice as likely to remarry as men who are not paying this form of support.

The study, published recently in Evolution and Human Behavior, compiled statistics from data maintained by the University of Michigan that tracked 5,000 United States households that recorded several different norms regarding American families.  The author of the study suggests that this is the case because women view the men who are paying child support as responsible and oriented towards the family.  Of course, this theory is likely to be challenged by other researchers, but the statistics appear to speak for themselves.

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What this study should tell fathers who have been through a divorce is that paying child support is not an issue that will prevent them from finding happiness in the future.  In fact, it appears that doing so will actually increase the chance that a father will meet someone else in the future and find that happiness they may be missing.

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