Study Shows Stressful Events Such as Divorce Can Shrink Brain


Study Shows Stressful Events Such as Divorce Can Shrink Brain

Anyone who has been through a divorce understands the enormous amount of stress that must be endured before this difficult process is complete.  In fact, several researchers and other professionals have been reviewing and studying the effects of a divorce as they relate to people and their emotional, physical and financial health.  Many of these studies have revealed that there is a tangible effect that divorce can have on parties to these cases.

However, based on a recent study, it also seems possible that there could be neurological effects on a person who goes through a difficult divorce.  Researchers performing a study at Yale University have recently revealed results of a study that showed that people going through difficult life events such as a hotly-contested divorce or other highly stressful situations can see the gray matter in their brains shrink.  This shrinkage took place in the area of the brain that governed emotion.  The results are likely to prompt additional study with regards to this topic.

Clearly, the results of this study are sure to make waves in the medical, psychological and perhaps even the legal communities.  Physical harm to a brain is something that must be tracked and watched carefully for many reasons, and people who are going through a difficult divorce have now been seen to be at risk for this form of harm.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

People who face the end of their marriages already face enough difficulties that can lead them to hesitate in taking that first step.  This additional information is not a reason in itself to prevent someone who is involved in an unhappy marriage from bringing about an end to what could be a dysfunctional cycle.  It should only reinforce the need to find the proper type of help in moving through this process.

If you are facing the end of your marriage, you need to seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of husbands and fathers for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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