Study Shows Promise for Child Support Forgiveness Programs


Study Shows Promise for Child Support Forgiveness Programs

People who fall behind on their child support payments understand all too well that once they fall behind, it can be extremely difficult to catch up to those payments and to eliminate their delinquent status.  As such, many non-custodial parents simply give up or lose hope that they will ever be able to get their feet back on the ground.  All of this occurs while the custodial parent and the child or children suffer.

Based on this reality, studies have been done that have tested the effectiveness of what could basically be known as forgiveness programs.  In general, these programs allow for some portion of forgiveness of child support payment debt if partial payments are made by the non-custodial parents.  However, the consent of both parents was required before anyone was allowed to participate in these pilot programs that have been tested around the country.

Specific results of these programs have been encouraging.  One such effort was made in Wisconsin, and it provided forgiveness for every dollar of child support that was paid that was past due.  The program saw parents pay an average of $100 per month more than had been being paid and a general rise of 8.5 percent in child support payments occurred.  This small-scale test is now being studied in different parts of the country where officials may be wondering if something is better than nothing.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

Clearly, different areas of the country are becoming more creative in their efforts to have people start to pay child support at a higher rate than in the recent past.  However, non-custodial parents who face the possibility of struggling to make child support payments should not allow themselves to simply fall into arrears, as this can and often does lead to serious financial and even legal consequences.

If you are facing the possibility of struggling with child support payments, you need to act immediately to obtain the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been helping fathers through difficult issues for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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