Married People Much More Likely to Survive Bypass Surgery


Study Shows Married People Much More Likely to Survive Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery

For many years, society in general has assumed that people who remained single lived longer and happier lives because of the lack of stress that can and often is part of a marriage.  Any time two people attempt to build a life together, it involves much in the way of work and diligence.  However, a recent study has revealed that when it comes to heart problems, married people actually tend to stand a much greater chance of long-term survival than their unmarried counterparts.

According to a study recently published by the Journal of Health Psychology, married men and married women were found to be 250 percent more likely to still be alive 15 years or longer after a coronary artery bypass surgery.  Specifically, 80 percent of married men were still alive 15 years after such a surgery compared to only 36 percent of single men.  This conclusion tends to tie in loosely with other studies that have showed that married people are less likely to die of cancer than those who are single.

However, it should be noted that the percentage of survival for 15 years or longer went down when the married people involved in this study described their marriage as difficult.  Not many more than half of those people who provided this description for their marriage survived for 15 years after heart surgery.

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What this study should tell anyone who learns of it is that happy and productive marriages are extremely healthy things over the course of a lifetime.  In addition, people should understand that unhappy and dysfunctional marriages can have very little effect in terms of positivity when it comes to the overall health of the spouses.

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