Study Shows How and When Children of Divorce Suffer Setbacks


Study Shows How and When Children of Divorce Suffer Setbacks

For many years, people have generally understood that while spouses find a divorce difficult to handle on several levels, children of the marriage suffer immeasurably.  However, few people have taken steps to specifically define how and when children of divorce tend to suffer setbacks.  That has all changed with a study recently released by the University of Wisconsin that tracked specific difficulties encountered by children whose parents were either pursuing or who already had completed a divorce.

The study closely tracked 3,600 children who entered kindergarten in 2008.  Of the children whose parents were obtaining a divorce, the researchers found that children between the first and third grades experienced a dip in their overall math scores and struggled with their interpersonal skills.  Generally, these struggles continued after the divorce was complete.

One positive aspect of this study is that the negative impacts that were discovered in the children whose parents were obtaining a divorce did not continue to worsen over time.  Instead, the level of difficulties they encountered with these issues stayed relatively consistent.  However, that also meant that those children in this position did not show a tendency to ultimately catch up to their peers whose parents had not gone through the divorce process.

San Diego Divorce Lawyers

Anyone who is contemplating a California divorce and who has children from the marriage needs to take steps to minimize the emotional harm that could be inflicted.  While helping children avoid this harm altogether appears to be impossible, there are steps that can be taken to help the children avoid truly traumatic experiences.  These steps could require the help or at least the cooperation of both spouses.

If you are contemplating a California divorce and you’re concerned about the effect it could have on your children, you need to seek the help of San Diego divorce lawyers who understand all of the different avenues for obtaining a legal dissolution of your marriage.  These avenues can be explored by anyone, so contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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