Children of Divorce Don't get As Much Support for Higher Education


Study Shows Children of Divorce Don’t Receive As Much Support for Higher Education

When people who are married decide that they would like to obtain a divorce, there are prices that are going to be paid, especially by those who are not even involved in the decision.  Specifically, children can suffer greatly in the wake of a divorce, which is a reality most people understand.  However, a recent study has identified a relatively unknown way in which children of divorce can pay the price – literally – for the end of their parents’ marriage.  That way involves the funding of their higher education.

Recently, a study was completed by the Journal of Family Issues that looked at support provided for children of divorce.  It found that on average, the divorced parents of a child tend to contribute approximately 42 percent of the cost of college for their child or children.  Conversely, children of parents who were not divorced provided approximately 77 percent of the overall costs of college for a child.

There are many reasons as to why this could be the case, and perhaps the most obvious is that most child support laws, including those in California, only require a non-custodial parent to pay child support until the child reaches the age when he or she would likely be going off to college.  Therefore, it’s more likely that the non-custodial parent will not offer as much support in this regard.  Of course, there could be many other reasons, but the bottom line is that children of divorce face higher costs for their education.

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Fathers who do not have custody of their children will often want to help those children advance as far as they can in life.  Fortunately, there are ways in which this can be done without having to directly involve the other parent.  However, every financial situation is unique and must be analyzed carefully by experienced professionals.

If you are facing a California divorce and you want to provide for your child or children properly, seek the help of San Diego men’s rights lawyers by contacting the Men’s Legal Center to schedule an initial consultation.

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