Steve Nash Moves On From California Custody Battle


Steve Nash Lakers

The Lakers are welcoming Steven Nash back for his second season as he attempts to move on from an extended custody battle with his ex-wife, according to recent reports.

Ironically, Nash reversed his position after winning the legal battle to have his ex-wife keep his children in Arizona.  He had previously told a judge that he believed his former spouse wanted to move the children to Los Angeles simply to take advantage of the greater child support payments available in California.  The judge agreed, stating that the move had not been shown to be “in the best interests of the children.”

However, after winning the long court battle, Nash suddenly reversed himself and told his ex-wife she could relocate with the children to Los Angeles.  The Nash’s have three young children who will now reside with their mother in California.

Residence Matters in Custody and Child Support

Nash was fortunate in the fact that the judge sided with him regarding an injunction to prevent his ex-wife from moving the children.  However, many fathers find that fighting their ex-wives to prevent moving the children after a divorce is an expensive proposition that may not be successful.

When parents divorce, it is imperative that they come to agreement on where each of them will reside.  It can be just as devastating for children for their father to suddenly move far away as it is for their mother to move them far away from their father.  Both parents need to work together to come to some type of consensus on how many miles apart they will live.  If work demands that one or the other transfer to another city or state, it is important to leave room to negotiate a new visitation schedule.  Depending on what the parents agree to, custody can be shared in a variety of ways.  When one parent lives more than 200 miles away from the other, custody is often shared on a “vacation” basis in which one parent has the children for long periods of time during school breaks.

Men’s Legal Center Attorneys Work for Shared Custody

Whenever possible, shared custody is considered superior to other forms of child custody agreements.  Shared custody allows a child the maximum amount of time with both parents, thereby giving him or her the best chance to benefit from both mother and father.

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