Staying On Top Of Your Game Physically And Mentally After Divorce


Staying On Top Of Your Game Physically And Mentally After Divorce

Staying On Top Of Your Game Physically And Mentally After Divorce

Good mental and physical health is essential for men who are going through divorce. In fact, studies tell us that while divorce is the second most stressful life event for men and women, divorced men are more susceptible to cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke.

In this issue, we’ll share tips for how you can stay at the top of your game by taking care of your mental and physical health.

Do I really have to talk about my mental health?

Many men – divorced and married – are reluctant to talk about things like suffering from depression, stress or anxiety.

The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) confirms that, while men and women both experience many of the same mental health problems, men are much more prone to hide their emotions or go along with an unspoken societal rule that they should stay silent about what goes on between the ears.

The problem is so extensive that the NIMH estimates that as many as 6 million men suffer silently from depression.

How do I get help for mental stress?

A fantastic resource for you is the National Alliance on Mental Illness helpline. They will help you deal with stress, depression, anxiety or other mental issues and can even connect you with a group of men who are experiencing the same issues.

Another good idea that will have a good chance of pulling you out of the doldrums is to stay close to your children and recommitting to your role of fatherhood. Have lunch with them at school, show up at the sports events and recitals. In general, making time for them will do wonders for your own mental health.

How can I get in shape physically?

If you don’t already have an exercise program, start with a simple walking regime and work your way up to something more strenuous. Studies show that by simply walking, we can be much happier and healthier.

What we put into our bodies also has a huge role in our physical and mental condition. While pizza and fast food are convenient options, they’re also among the worst things you can put into your system.

While eating healthy does require a little planning, the payoffs are huge. A good rule to shop by is to buy as many unpackaged fresh foods as you can. If you’re not going to immerse yourself into nutrition manuals, just remember to mix in plenty of fruits and veggies with your meals, and stay away from foods that are high in salt, fat and sugar.

Are you a man considering divorce in San Diego? Call the Men’s Legal Center.

As we wrote in a previous entry, divorce represents a fantastic opportunity to reinvent yourself. Use this time to commit to strong physical and mental health for a brand new you.

If you’re a man facing divorce, we urge you to leverage the skills and expertise of a men’s divorce lawyer in San Diego.

Our number here at the Men’s Legal Center is 619-234-3838. You can also reach us via email.


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