What Is Spousal Support?


What Is Spousal Support?

spousal support

In California, spousal support is meant to bridge the gap between divorce and the need of the former spouse for a similar standard of living. California law dictates that after 10 years of marriage, the marriage is considered of “long duration,” meaning the court is not allowed to set a definite termination date for the spousal support. Some people misinterpret this as meaning the spouse will receive lifetime support. Rather, the law actually states that the law “entitles either spouse to post-dissolution support for only so long as is necessary to become self-supporting.”

Do All Divorces Involve Spousal Support?

Though spousal support seems common, not all divorces involve it. Statistics show that only about ten to fifteen percent of divorces involve spousal support as part of the final judgment.  If your wife works and her income is similar to yours, there is a good chance that no spousal support may be involved in your divorce

Will Bad Behavior, Such as Affairs, Affect Spousal Support?

Because California is considered a no-fault state, the court does not take into account the “bad behavior” of your ex when determining spousal support. However, if your spouse is currently cohabitating with someone else in a romantic relationship, the court may decrease or remove the order for spousal support.

Can the Men’s Legal Center Help Me?

If you are facing the possibility of paying spousal support, you must act quickly and call the team of divorce attorneys at Men’s Legal Center. When determining spousal support, you must meticulously prepare or potentially face high payments. When facing any divorce issue, from property division to child custody, you should have an experienced and skilled divorce attorney on your side. The attorneys at Men’s Legal Center will work tirelessly to ensure your legal rights are properly protected and enforced. If you need the help of spousal support lawyers, call Men’s Legal Center today.

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