Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed Towards Divorce


Signs That Your Marriage Is Headed Towards Divorce

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Marriages are like plants, they start to die if not properly cared for. Lack of time and attention causes marriages to deteriorate. At first, it’s all peaches and cream, and no one gets married with the option of divorce at the back of their minds. However, different situations arise that can make or break your marriage. Lack of interest and contempt are the beginning stages of a marriage breaking down. So, if your relationship is following the pattern below, your marriage is in jeopardy.

Conversations Lead to Conflict

In an unhealthy relationship, even a normal conversation includes sarcasm, criticism, accusation or degrading comments. These conversations end at an unfriendly note, without resolution.

Distant Behavior

If your partner becomes defensive and distant, these are core characteristics that lead to divorce. Breakdown of communication sends all couples spiralling down the drain hole.

Exploding Negative Energy

A total emotional shutdown and lack of empathy can leave the other feeling shell shocked. Over time, your partner seems more like a stranger than a spouse.

Non-Existent Physical Relationship

Among other things, physical intimacy is a major component of any marriage. Lack of it is another sign that your marriage is headed towards divorce.

Failed Attempts at Solving Issues

There comes a point when both of you have had enough and want to sit down and resolve things. However, if the conflict never gets resolved or is stonewalled, the chances of divorce increase. Resolving issues are extremely important if you want your relationship to be healthy again.

Conflicts Take Over Good Memories

Looking back, if all you can remember are horrible and painful memories, it’s unlikely that your marriage stands a chance.

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