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robin williams divorces

Funnyman Robin Williams, 62, is back on the air playing an advertising executive in a new series The Crazy Ones. However, Williams claims that the move is not one based on his artistic goals but instead on financial ones: he needs to recapture money lost during two expensive divorces.

Williams has been divorced twice: once to Valerie Velardi and once to Marsh Garces. According to Williams, things are “good” between him and both of his exes, but he describes the splits by saying: “Divorce is expensive. It’s ripping your heart out through your wallet.” Williams is reportedly attempting to clean up his financial affairs by selling his Napa ranch and taking on new television roles after marrying third wife Susan Schneider in 2011.

Those Ole Movie-Star Divorce Blues

Hollywood has never been a paragon of married virtue; divorces are relatively common, and huge settlements are the norm. John Cleese, 73, was recently forced to go on a stand-up comedy tour he laughingly dubbed “The Alimony Tour” after he paid his third wife the equivalent of about $19 million in their divorce settlement.

Hollywood divorces are highly publicized and may seem to some to represent an unrealistic view of divorce. However, in this case, the Silver Screen and “real life” may be closer than many people think.

Working To Pay Divorce Bills

Many individuals have found themselves financially devastated after a divorce. Some never recover; others are forced to take on second jobs, or cut their spending drastically, in order to pay alimony, child support and other costs associated with a pricey divorce. In almost every case, individuals will find that their standard of living goes down after a divorce.

Furthermore, some men may find that they are denied unlimited access to their children. Although the tendency is for courts to try to equalize parenting as much as possible, it is often not in the children’s best interests to be moved from one place to another frequently. In these cases, the court often awards primary custody to one parent and allows the other visitation based on circumstances.

An attorney from the Men’s Legal Center may be able to help fathers and non-custodial parents who are facing an expensive divorce or those being threatened to be limited in spending time with their children. With the help of a family law attorney, individuals may be able to minimize divorce damages and keep more of their income.

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