Potential Changes in Family Law Cases



We have all been watching for what seems like at least a generation as women have entered higher education and ultimately the professional workforce in the United States in increasing numbers. The world is changing now that the ‘traditional’ and patriarchal family structure is becoming more and more a thing of the past, and that has led to different changes that some may not have foreseen. When women entered the workforce in relatively recent years, most rightfully welcomed it but many also thought that this was also a reflection of more families needing two incomes to support themselves.

While that may still be true, what has also been discovered is that a rapidly increasing number of families now see the mother as the primary breadwinner, whether she is married or not. According to analysis that was done by Pew Research when looking at data provided by the United States Census Bureau, 40 percent of women are now either the sole or the primary income generators in their families across the United States. That number has quadrupled from 1960, when only ten percent of families saw the mother as the person who brought home the income.

There are many reasons as to why this percentage is where it is today, and that includes a higher number of women entering the workforce. One of them is that there are more single mothers raising families than there have been in the past, and this analysis reflects that reality. Of the 40 percent of women who are the primary breadwinners, approximately two-thirds of them are single parents. The recent recession has also been seen as a factor, as more women have been either going to work or continuing to work when their husbands have lost their jobs altogether.

While the country appears somewhat split as to whether this is a positive development, the bottom line is that this type of trend could lead to many different changes in our society and in our culture. For instance, women who earn more money than their husbands may face different types of decisions if they ever decide to pursue a divorce. That’s because decisions regarding child and spousal support are often economic in nature and involve an analysis of the spouses’ respective incomes.

There’s really no telling what effect this type of trend will have on family law cases around the country, but it very well could make a difference in many cases that come before the courts for different reasons. It also means that fathers who simply assume that they have no chance in obtaining a favorable result in a divorce case should rethink that perspective, as it could be inaccurate depending on the facts of the situation.

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