Officials Predict Rise in Military Divorces With Troops Returning Home


Officials Predict Rise in Military Divorces With Troops Returning Home

Anyone who paid any attention to the news over the weekend saw that the last of the active combat troops in Iraq left the country and began their journey to a new place.  Some of those soldiers will be moving to other combat zones such as Afghanistan, but many of them will be returning home to their families.  While many people have every reason to celebrate this development, there are officials out there who are preparing for certain developments, and one of them is an anticipated rise in the military divorce rate.

Officials are preparing for this possibility because of the difficulties that many soldiers experience when they return to domestic life after one or even several deployments into hostile and actively combative areas.  These adjustments can be extremely difficult and many soldiers as well as spouses who have remained in the United States for long periods of time can change as the time away has continued to increase.  IN addition there will be soldiers who are suffering from such conditions as post-traumatic stress disorder who will struggle with many different aspects of life.

As a result of the anticipation of this rise in military divorces, officials are making sure that several services for active military members and veterans are available that include family counseling and other forms of help designed to make the transition back into domestic life as smooth as possible.  Unfortunately, these added services will not be enough for some to anticipate a rise from the 30,000 military divorces that occurred during the last fiscal year.

San Diego Military Divorce Lawyers

Clearly, anyone who has been serving our country in a combat zone or anywhere else has faced a difficult challenge in recent years, and the courage of our military heroes should always be acknowledged and appreciated.  There are many ways to express these thoughts and feelings, and one of them is providing help to those who need it in terms of their family lives.

If you are facing the possibility of ending your marriage and you’re involved with the military, you need the help of San Diego military divorce lawyers who understand what it likes to serve actively and to handle these difficult situations.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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