The Numbers Don’t Lie: New Data Sheds Light on Chances of Divorce


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New statistics released by the data collection gurus at FlowingData show keen insight into the indicators that potentially increase likelihoods of who will get divorced. Released in late March, the data relies upon information from the 2014 U.S. Census.

Education, Work Status and Race

The work carried out by California statistician Nathan Yau certainly produced some interesting findings of how divorce rates tend to fluctuate throughout our lives and are affected by a host of what seem to be life events that occur outside of the marriage.

  • Education
    Among those without a college education, men (39 percent) are more likely to get divorced than women (37 percent). Interestingly, that dynamic completely flips for people with college or advanced degrees; for that group, it’s the women (30 percent) who are more likely than men (26 percent) to divorce.
  • Work Status
    Perhaps, because financial strain can put an enormous amount of pressure on a marriage, the divorce rate among unemployed people (43 percent for both men and women) is higher for those who aren’t. As for those who are in the labor force, women are more likely to divorce (38 percent) than men (32 percent).
  • Race
    The numbers among various racial groups shake out like this:

    • Asian: Men, 16 percent; Women, 18 percent
    • Black: Men, 42 percent; Women, 42 percent
    • Hispanic: Men, 27 percent; Women, 30 percent
    • Native American: Men: 44 percent; Women: 45 percent
    • White: Men, 36 percent; Women, 38 percent

Divorce Myth Buster?

We regularly hear claims that half of American marriages end in divorce, but it’s not true. Nearly 70 percent of couples who married in the 1990s have celebrated their 15th anniversary. Marriages that began in the 2000s are – thus far – enjoying lower divorce rates. If those trends continue, almost two-thirds of marriages will survive.

Are You Facing Or Considering Divorce? Men’s Legal Center Is Here To Help You

Regardless of the reasons, divorce is a life-changing event. Because your chances of a positive outcome in your divorce increase dramatically when you retain the services of an attorney skilled in family and divorce law, we are more than happy to talk with you about the best way to proceed in your situation.

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