Number of Mothers Failing to Pay Child Support on the Rise


Number of Mothers Failing to Pay Child Support on the Rise

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As more and more fathers are awarded primary child custody of their children across the United States, more and more mothers are being ordered to pay child support as a result.  This slow change has been occurring in recent years as society has changed with the higher number of women entering the workforce and more equality emanating from custody decisions in family courts all over the country.  Unfortunately, this reality is also leading to the rise of another problem – mothers failing to pay child support.

Several news stories have been released recently regarding an increase in the number of child support enforcement cases targeting the mothers of children.  One law enforcement official in North Carolina recently estimated that 25 percent of their caseload now involves mothers who are behind on their child support payments.  This percentage is approximately double of what it was even five years ago.  As is the case when fathers fail to pay support, these situations often leave custodial fathers in difficult financial situations.

When mothers fail to pay child support as ordered by the court that oversaw their case, they face the same legal consequences as fathers who do not adhere to these orders.  This means that mothers can face aggressive collection tactics and perhaps even jail time when child support delinquencies become extreme.  Fathers who face this dilemma have the same rights as mothers.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

Fathers who are not receiving their court ordered child support must find a way to make ends meet unless or until those delinquent amounts are ultimately paid.  Unfortunately, it can be difficult to locate mothers who fall behind on these payments and some of these cases can take months if not longer to resolve.  In the meantime, fathers are left in a lurch.

If you are a father who is having problems collecting on your court ordered child support payments, you need to seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been helping fathers deal with these types of issues for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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