New Rule Allow for Garnishment of Social Security Checks


New U.S. Treasury Rules Allow for Garnishment of Social Security Checks to Pay Delinquent Child Support

As most people tend to understand, failing to pay child support obligations that are ordered by a court can lead to serious legal and financial problems.  Different entities have been taking different and creative steps in an attempt to collect on the billions in unpaid child support across the United States, and the federal government has now taken a step that will open the door to a new kind of collection – the garnishment of Social Security checks.

Specifically, this new loophole will allow for sweeps of bank accounts that will be cross-referenced with people who receive Social Security benefits, and those who are found to be delinquent in child support payments can have those funds removed from that bank account.  Traditionally, only 65 percent of Social Security benefits could be seized by the government, but this new step could result in bank accounts across the United States being emptied.

While child support advocates are generally in favor of this new rule, opponents cite the fact that this rule is really just a loophole that allows for these steps to be taken.  Many feel that it will not be a surprise to see this new loophole challenged in court after someone is left all but destitute after their funds are seized in order to pay back child support, penalties and interest.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

Unfortunately, there are many parents who have every intention of paying the proper amount of child support but because of unforeseen circumstances they are unable to do so.  The worst mistake that can be made in this situation is to simply stop making payments, as this issue will not ever simply go away.  Anyone who is having problems or who foresees them should be proactive in dealing with this problem.

If you are experiencing problems or you could soon experience problems with these payments, you need to seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been helping fathers deal with these issues for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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