Maryland Considers Bill Requiring Child Support for College Students


Maryland Considers Bill Requiring Child Support for College Students

In the majority of jurisdictions in the United States, parents who are not granted primary custody of their children after a divorce are required to pay child support to the custodial parent until that child reaches a pre-set age or is otherwise emancipated and considered an adult.  However, there are a few states that require parents to pay child support for college-aged children, and Maryland is the next state that will consider enacting such a law.

Specifically, Maryland will consider a bill known as HB 986, which will be discussed in the legislative committee this week.  If this bill would pass through the legislature and would ultimately be signed by the governor, it would require non-custodial parents to pay child support for children who are in college for a period of time.  This child support would continue until the child dies, marries, is emancipated, graduates from post-secondary education, is no longer enrolled in post-secondary education or reaches the age of 21.

This bill is creating much in the way of controversy in the legal community because it seems, according to opponents, to be discriminatory on its face.  Opponents feel that parents who are not divorced are not required to pay for college education and parents who are divorce and who have children would not be required to pay child support if the child chooses not to attend school after he or she graduates from high school.

San Diego Child Support Lawyers

There is no law in California presently that requires parents to pay child support to a child who chooses to continue his or her education beyond high school, but like everywhere else serious legal problems can arise when someone fails to remain current on this obligation.  Anyone who faces this potential issue needs to be proactive in dealing with this situation.

If you are a parent who is facing this potential problem, you need to seek the help of San Diego child support lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of fathers and husbands for many years.  Contact the Men’s Legal Center today to schedule an initial consultation.

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