Ludacris Pursues Full Custody


Ludacris Pursues Full Custody

ludacris child custody

In a rare turn of events, a woman named Tamika Fuller is being sued for custody and child support over a two-month old baby, according to reports. The father is noted rap singer Ludacris, who claims he is a “fit and capable” parent and an active father to his other child, a 12-year-old girl. Does Ludacris have legal grounds to sue the mother? Can he win his case? The Men’s Legal Center in San Diego weighs in on this issue and offers fathers everywhere the support they need to pursue a custody and support case against a child’s mother if necessary.

The Background

The child, who was born two months ago, is undoubtedly the baby of the famous singer, Tamika Fuller had requested the court for $15,000 in child support orders. However, Ludacris pleaded poverty, saying that the death of Paul Walker of Fast and Furious 7 fame had caused him cash flow issues. The court ordered Ludacris to pay the mother $7,000 per month by a judge.

Ludacris now claims that not only should he not have to pay child support but that the baby’s mother should turn the child over to him and pay him support each month.

The Issues

The question arises, of course: does Ludacris really want custody of this baby girl, or is he simply trying to avoid paying child support?

Unfortunately, there is still an underlying assumption that any father who asks for custody of his children, unless the mother is clearly unfit, must have a financial angle. Ironically, the huge child support awards given to women by some courts have actually fueled this conception. Therefore, men are often caught in a Catch-22 situation: they are suspected of financial motives if they want custody and they are suspected of trying to avoid paying if they allow the mother to have custody but protest the amount of child support. Neither may be true in reality.

Ludacris certainly did not do his case any favors by pleading poverty. The question now becomes whether the singer can convince a judge or a jury that he is poor enough to warrant child support payments, but solvent enough to take care of a child.

The Men’s Legal Center is here to help men who are facing custody and support battles. Contact the Men’s Legal Center in San Diego today about your child support and custody issues.

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